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We recommend using Google Chrome to open the decision support. Safari, Firefox and Microsoft Edge are also suitable browsers. To print your patient’s asthma action plan directly from the decision support screen, please adjust your browser settings to allow for pop-ups.

There are typically 5 decision support screens, and you move between them by clicking “action buttons” at the bottom of each screen. You may return to a previous screen by clicking your browser’s “back” button. However, please do not use your browser’s “forward” button, as the eAMS will not be able to save your progress if you have not used one of the action buttons to advance.

In the decision support window, you can click “save progress and close.” This records any activity you performed (including actions on the current screen like adding a new medication or changing a dose within a dropdown menu) and creates the PSS chart note which records these actions. Upon re-opening the decision support, you will resume wherever you (or any other provider) last clicked “save progress and close.”

Any actions in the decision support screens are automatically documented in a PSS chart note. Upon returning to the chart after using the decision support, you must click on the "Refresh" button in the eAMS toolbar for the chart note to load into the chart. Note that if you leave the chart without clicking "Refresh," the chart note will still automatically load whenever the chart is next opened (but no earlier than the next day).

Once you open the decision support window, if you close the window without clicking "save progress and close" or if the system times out after 60 minutes of inactivity, your actions on the current page will not save. However, all actions in prior pages are auto-saved, and a PSS chart note recording your actions in all prior pages will be generated after 60 minutes of inactivity. To resume the decision support after timing out, click "Refresh" in the eAMS toolbar to see the updated eAMS message, then click the updated message displayed in the toolbar to open the decision support window.

All instructions provided in the AAP are documented in the PSS chart note. However, you can also print/save the AAP directly from the decision support window by clicking the "Approve and Print AAP" button (to print/save directly from the decision support window, please adjust your browser settings to allow for pop-ups). Alternatively, the AAP can be saved as a .pdf from this print dialogue, and dragged into the patient chart as a document.

Once it has been approved, the AAP is also immediately available to the patient in their eAMS app/portal. Patients can open the AAP in their eAMS app if clinicians wish to go through it with them for educational purposes.

Only one clinician can access the decision support for a particular patient at a given time. A second user attempting to access the decision support for the same patient will be notified that it is currently in use.