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General Information

The eAMS stands for the Electronic Asthma Management System. This is an app/web portal made for patients with asthma. You complete a short questionnaire within the app and information about your asthma is then presented to your provider when they open your chart. Your information is processed according to Canadian guidelines for asthma care, and your provider receives recommendations based on these latest guidelines. These recommendations are aimed at providing you with the best available care. The system also creates an asthma action plan, which gives you instructions on what to do if your asthma flares up (see "What is an asthma action plan?").

Ultimately, our goals are to:
Improve the communication between patients and doctors
Assist doctors in providing the most up-to-date and best care for their patients with asthma

For all of these eAMS functions to work, your provider must also have access to the eAMS.

Our team has built the eAMS in such a way that it can be directly linked into the electronic medical record systems used by most primary care providers across Canada. Many providers are already using it. If your provider is not using it, please tell them about it! You can print out our information sheet and show it to your provider.

We have built and developed the eAMS over the last 10 years, with over 20 scientific publications supporting the various parts of the tool. When the eAMS was used in 3 busy family practice clinics in Ontario, there was an improvement in the quality of asthma care offered to patients.

It's quick! Based on our testing with real patients, it will only take about 5-10 minutes to complete the questionnaire the first time.

You will be asked to complete the questionnaire before you see your primary care provider. After completing it the first time, you may be asked to complete the questionnaire again, but all prior responses will be saved, and you will simply have to confirm whether or not anything has changed. You will get a reminder each time we need you to review the questionnaire.

An asthma action plan is a set of personal instructions for managing your asthma. Depending on the symptoms you are experiencing, your asthma may fall into 1 of 3 categories in your action plan:

  1. Green zone (when you have good control of your asthma)
  2. Yellow zone (when your asthma is flaring up)
  3. Red zone (when you are having a dangerous asthma attack)

Your asthma action plan will tell you what to look out for in each zone and what you should do when you are in each zone. Most importantly, when your asthma is flaring and you are in the yellow zone, it will tell you how to adjust your medications to get back in control. Once your care provider has approved it, you can ask them to print out your asthma action plan and/or you can access it through the eAMS app under the "asthma action plan" button in the main menu.

See what an asthma action plan looks like here.

Who can use the eAMS?

The eAMS was made for patients with asthma who are 16 years of age or older.

To provide the best care, the eAMS uses research that was performed in patients 16 years old and over. Unfortunately, some of these recommendations may not apply to patients under 16 years old. If you are younger than 16 years old, we strongly recommend that you see your provider to follow-up on your asthma.

To use the eAMS, you will need a smartphone or tablet that can download and run the app, and/or a computer that can access the eAMS web portal online. You will also need a personal email account to complete your registration. That's it!

If you have never used a phone or tablet app before, don't worry! We made the app so that anyone can easily use it regardless of their level of experience with computers and apps.

If you are using the patient portal on your computer, we recommend that you use Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Microsoft Edge as your browser. If you are accessing the eAMS on your smartphone or tablet, we strongly recommend that you use the app which can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store or Apple Store, rather than the browser on your phone.

No, the eAMS is FREE! Our goal is to improve asthma care without any financial barriers for patients or healthcare providers.

Keeping Your Data Safe

Your provider will use the information you provide to improve your asthma care! By filling in the questionnaire in the app, you will provide information about your asthma symptoms, triggers, and medications. This information will only be sent to your provider (if they are an eAMS user) who can verify your asthma control, recommend updates to your medications, and create an asthma action plan for you.

Yes, your personal health information is private and secure, and is handled in accordance with provincial personal health information protection laws. For a more detailed description of our privacy practices, please see our Privacy Notice.

Login Issues

If you are having trouble registering for the eAMS, please follow this step-by-step guide.

You may be entering your login information incorrectly, or may have made an error the first time you logged in. If you can't identify the error, please use our Contact Us form to submit an inquiry, and we will gladly help you access your account.

Please verify that:

If none of these identifies the problem, please ask the provider to complete the following troubleshooting steps on their end.

You can contact us for any questions or feedback through the Contact Us form.